It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

We love our children and have lots of them in our lives.

Our Sunday kids program is a great place for children to make friends and have fun. You don’t have to have a church background to get involved. Just rock up!

Our Missional Communities are also great environments for families. 

We have picnics, parties, and social events. We support one another by providing mentoring and rights-of-passage celebrations for tweens and teens.

We are a Safe Places church and have policies and procedures for safekeeping our families and their children.


As an affiliated Churches of Christ Vic/Tas church, we have zero tolerance for abuse, whether that be physical, sexual, emotional or spiritual. 

We have a culture of transparency and accountability, as well as policies and procedures for safekeeping our families and their children.

Our leadership screening, recruitment and orientation processes are robust.

All volunteers who work with children hold a current Registration to Work With Vulnerable People card. 

A link to our Safe Places statement and policy can be found using this link.

Our Sunday kids program is held at the same time as our weekly church service in Howrah.

We have a dedicated space for children, including outdoor play equipment and space to be active on warmer days. 

We have two programs for primary school-aged children:

  • Younger group — for walkers (or there about) to 4 years old. 
  • Older group — for primary-school children between Kinder to Grade 6.

We love having parents with babies join us during the church service (a bit of crying is fine!) There is a parent break out room if nappies need to be changed.

We encourage older children (high school age onwards) to take part in the adult service.

Missional Communities are a way to participate in an authentic, meaningful community. In most of our communities, families eat and pray together regularly, sharing life as adults and children like an extended family.

We eat, pray, learn and serve together, meeting in homes and other suitable public places.

This type of community is not necessarily easy — it requires something of you, and involves time and commitment. But the benefits are also rewarding for adults and children alike.

Some of our Missional Communities are have babies and young children, others a mix of tweens and teens, and others primarily adults. Feel free to connect with a few communities until you find “your people” (those you enjoy being with and who you can serve alongside).