Why The Missional Movement Will Fail

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In this recorded webinar, Mike and Sally share a bunch of stories from two of their church missions — one in Brixton (inner-city London) in the late 1980’s and then one in Sheffield (in mid-1990’s).

Both were successful, yet only one survived and created lasting transformation. Why?
Hint: it’s about making disciple-making disciples!

Ministry Through Marriage And Family

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This recorded webinar continues our topic of Family On Mission.

In this webinar, Mike and Sally discuss the theology of submission and sacrifice in the context of both discipleship and marriage.

From my reading of Australian culture, submission/sacrifice is now an increasingly foreign and misunderstood idea. Individualism and the freedom narrative of Australian culture have moved our values and practices away from the biblical narrative and affect us all. If you struggle with this scripture and the idea of submitting to God or to others, that’s o.k… find someone to talk to about these scriptures and discuss or wrestle it out together.