What Is Freedom?

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Freedom is one of our most important values in Australia. But what is freedom and what does it look like to be truly free?

In this talk, Daniel Sih explains the challenges of defining freedom through popular culture. He examines the biblical imagination of personal freedom and demonstrates how freedom requires logical limits in the areas of health, money and sexuality.

You can watch the ‘Embracing Me’ music video on YouTube.

The presenter slides are available HERE.

Pigs, Pearls and People

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“Don’t throw your pearls to pigs. They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.” What is that all about?

In this talk, Julia Verdouw continues our Longing for Love series by discussing what it means to love sacrificially with agape love.

How does the way we view people shape our ability to love like Jesus? Who are the pigs? And what might we need to do about it?

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What Is Love?

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The Beatles once suggested that “all you need is love” … but what IS love?

In this talk, Michael Wood explains the importance of defining love by something other than itself. He outlines four different Greek concepts for love, which are Storge (family affection), Philia (friendship), Eros (romantic) and Agape (divine love).

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Longing for Love

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All of us need love. Love is one of our highest emotions. We search for love in many places, even if there is confusion about how to live out our most intimate relationships.

This talk introduces a new series called ‘Longing for Love,’ exploring the bible’s perspectives on sex, sexuality and gender. We outline a framework for the series and explore the importance of starting with the revelation; ‘God IS love.’

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