Life on Life Discipleship

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Jesus was a most unconventional teacher. Rather than making disciples in a classroom setting, he taught his followers on the road, life-on-life. If we are to make disciples using the pattern of Jesus, we will need to do the same.

In our fifth talk on “A Life Well Lived,” Daniel Sih discusses the importance of structured and organic discipleship, including the role that organic teaching plays in the formation of a disciple.

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Invitation and Challenge

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How did Jesus equip and mobilise his disciples? How might we, as fathers, mothers, uncles, and aunties, follow Jesus example to raise healthy spiritual children?

In this talk, Daniel Sih introduces our next discipleship principle called “Invitation and Challenge.”

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Jesus had three great loves — a love for the father, a love for extended family, and a love for a lost and broken-hearted world.

Daniel Sih re-boots his series on “A Life Well Lived” by teaching us how to pattern our lives on the pattern of Jesus. As we learn to balance our life according to the principle of UP / IN / OUT, we mature in our faith, grow as disciples, and form cultures where people look and act more like Jesus.

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Acknowledgement to Doug Paul of Summit church for the video resource.

The Learning Circle

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Jesus suggested that there are two types of people in this world. There are people who hear and discuss ideas, and those who put his words into practice.

Daniel Sih continues his series on “A Life Well Lived” by teaching us how to hear and follow God’s voice in everyday life. We can practice the words of Jesus by identifying kairos moments, and by walking the learning circle as a community.

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Learning Through Imitation

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Jesus gave us an important mission: “Go into all the world and make disciples.” The word disciple (‘mathetes’ in Greek) appears 269 times in the New Testament and is a central idea for those who wish to follow Jesus. But what is a disciple? And how do we embrace the practices of discipleship today?

In this talk, Daniel Sih unpacks the D-Word, providing practical and theological foundations to help us ‘learn through imitation’ as disciples of Jesus.

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A Life Well Lived

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We all want to experience the good life, but what does this look like in practice? How do we make decisions about what to do, and not do, in a hyper-consumer culture?

This is a series about life, discipleship, and living joyfully in the way of Jesus. Come and begin this journey, towards life, peace, and abundance!

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The Discipleship Road

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For many of us, apprenticeship to Jesus is a long and windy journey, rather than a sudden, miraculous transformation. To use a biblical analogy, it is more like the Road to Emmaus than it is Damascus!

In this podcast, Andy Goodacre compares our journey with that of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus. He outlines six practical lessons to help us grow as apprentices of Jesus.

Social Media and Discipleship

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This is the third sermon of a 3-part series on “Digital Technology – The Great Discipleship Challenge of our Age”.

Taking a particular focus on Facebook as the biggest social media platform in today’s society, Daniel questions the truth of Facebook’s promise as being “free and always free”, and whether there is actually a cost to us as disciples of Jesus. How do we feast and fast on social media in a healthy way, and engage with digital technology in a way that we’d have our kids and those we’re discipling proudly imitate?

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The clip viewed at the beginning of this message can be seen here:

Medium is the Message

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This is the second sermon of a 3-part series on “Digital Technology – The Great Discipleship Challenge of our Age”.

One of the ways we can find ourselves thinking about digital technology is to carefully consider the content of what we’re exposing ourselves to, for us, our children and those we may be discipling. In this sermon Daniel draws on a thought that came to light as technology first emerged in the form of television, suggesting that the means of the content we’re exposed to is just as significant in shaping us as the content itself. In the instant, multi-tasking, constantly connected age of the smart phone, are we growing to look, act and think just like it? Or can we live in a way that allows us to engage with new media in a way that is set apart from the culture around us?

PowerPoint slides can be viewed HERE.

The Great Idol of our Age

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This is the first sermon of a 3-part series on “Digital Technology – The Great Discipleship Challenge of our Age”.

Opening the discussion for considering what may act at the greatest challenge we face as disciples in the 21st century, we hear there are many potential threats. Here Daniel shares his reflections and insights on what he sees to be the great idol of our age: digital technology. What consumes our time and energy? In the words of Tim Keller, what is the “functional master” of our hearts? Can we take on the challenge of a 24 hour digital detox? And follow Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego by living counter-cultural lives, and not bowing down to the idols of the day.

PowerPoint slides can be viewed HERE.