Flesh and Spirit

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Milton Oliver joins us for the second time this year, again providing us with a different voice and perspective as somebody having walked in the gifts of the Spirit for many years. Milton offers an important reminder for what it means to be “crucified with Christ”, that our flesh has been put to death and our spirits raised to life with Him. Are we people living out of flesh or spirit?

Power Is Unequal

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This is the second sermon of a 3-part series on power.

Power is unequal and we need to engage in power from a position of both strength and weakness. Looking to Psalm 72 and Psalm 73 that offer differing perspectives on power, we see that in strength, power is redeemed when we look to Jesus and pour ourselves out, and in weakness power is redeemed when we look to Jesus and bless the powerful. Both perspectives offer an invitation to acknowledge the power that God has given, and pour it out!