Gifts of the Spirit

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Speaking on the topic of Spritual Gifts, Stephen deepens our understanding by sharing personal experiences of God’s gifts in his own life – healing, prophecy, miracles and faith. In sharing these he also gives insights for the things he has learnt along the wayand reinforces that in all of this it is to the glory of God the Father, Son and Spirit, and for the edification of the church.

[This sermon involved open discussion and the chance for others to share their experiences. Please note that some of these questions and stories have been removed, while all of Stephen’s responses and answers have remained.]

The Meaning of Marriage

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In light of all the current discussion surrounding the same-sex marriage debate, this sermon reminds us of the biblical imagination for marriage. Remembering God’s perspective of marriage through covenant, oneness, the death and resurrection of Christ, and Christ and His church, Daniel helps us understand God’s true intentions for marriage.

Spiritual Discernment

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From his experiences with Victories Ministries Through Christ (VMTC) here in Australia and in Myanmar (Burma), Stephen has grown to be well equipped in having an ear to the Spiritual realm. Listen as he shares on discernment as a way of walking in unity with God, learning how we can grow through quick obedience, renouncing the things of the evil one, and testing [in community] that which is spiritual.

Who Are We: Churches of Christ

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Paul Cameron, the Executive Officer of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania (CCVT), shares with us the “who” behind Churches of Christ- who they were then, and who they are now. Emphasising unity in diversity, discipleship, mission and the values of CCVT, Paul deepens the understanding of the Spirit-led movement Third Place Communities aligns with and has received support from over the past fifteen (and more) years.

Power Is Unequal

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This is the second sermon of a 3-part series on power.

Power is unequal and we need to engage in power from a position of both strength and weakness. Looking to Psalm 72 and Psalm 73 that offer differing perspectives on power, we see that in strength, power is redeemed when we look to Jesus and pour ourselves out, and in weakness power is redeemed when we look to Jesus and bless the powerful. Both perspectives offer an invitation to acknowledge the power that God has given, and pour it out!


The Radical Middle

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This is the first sermon to launch our TPC Network Gatherings (and Daniel’s first ever sermon – excuse all the “um’s”!) Outlining our teaching focus for the year, Daniel explains the concepts of Cross, Kingdom and Spirit and how the intersecting of these elements of faith create the “radical middle” – the sweet spot in which we seek to live … and where mentos’ catalytically explode from coke bottles!

TPC Vision (Part 1 – Multiplication)

This video outlines our vision for Third Place Communities for the next 3+ years.

We describe the logic behind multiplication as an organising principle, and explain our hope to bless and renew the suburbs of Hobart through reproducible disciple making.

Part 2 of this talk can be viewed HERE.

An MP3 version of this talk is here (audio only):