Telling Others In This Cultural Moment

How do we tell others about Jesus with confidence and without fear in an increasingly hostile culture?

In this helpful talk, Ger Jones (from Vintage Church) shares a series of theological and practical insights to help us share our faith with love and wisdom, in a progressive secular culture.

This talk is particularly helpful for anyone who wishes to consider Alpha as a way of sharing faith with friends.

The T4T Story

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Ying Kai is the founder of T4T (Training for Trainers), which is one of the most dynamic Church Planting Movements in the world today. In 1999, Ying Kai (a Taiwan Chinese missionary) left Hong Kong for mainland China, with a vision to train reproducible disciple-makers (which he calls ‘trainers’). In less than a decade, T4T had multiplied a small band of disciples into a movement of more than 80,000 new churches, with more than 2 million baptisms.

Let’s listen and learn from missionary stories coming out of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. God is on the move! The T4T story may challenge you. It may also inspire you into passionate prayer, radical obedience and reproducible disciple-making!

Love Is Kind

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This podcast is about sacrificial love and the life-transforming power of being kind. In this RED Church podcast, Mick Duncan shares a bunch of stories about what it means to show kindness to a stranger — including how to ‘make a bid’ and ‘turn towards the bidder.’

Mick and Ruby Duncan served in the slums of Manila for many years and have contextual knowledge and experience in walking alongside people who are broken and vulnerable. A number of us have met Mick through his association with the Forge Network, Urban Neighbours Of Hope (UNOH), and the annual Surrender Conference (TEAR).