Four Relational Spaces To Change Your World

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Sociologists tell us that human beings connect in four different sizes of gatherings: a) public space, b) social space, c) personal space and d) intimate space. The New Testament church, it seems, also gathered according to these social dynamics.

In this podcast, Alex Absalom argues that the Western church is struggling to function as a healthy community, in part, because of the way in which we meet. He argues that public space (i.e. congregational gatherings) function differently than social space (i.e. extended family on a mission), from personal space (discipleship groups), from intimate space (married couples)… and we would do well to pay attention to all four!

Ministry Through Marriage And Family

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This recorded webinar continues our topic of Family On Mission.

In this webinar, Mike and Sally discuss the theology of submission and sacrifice in the context of both discipleship and marriage.

From my reading of Australian culture, submission/sacrifice is now an increasingly foreign and misunderstood idea. Individualism and the freedom narrative of Australian culture have moved our values and practices away from the biblical narrative and affect us all. If you struggle with this scripture and the idea of submitting to God or to others, that’s o.k… find someone to talk to about these scriptures and discuss or wrestle it out together.

Family On Mission (Part 2)

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This is part two of a three-part series on Family On Mission by Paul Maconochie.

He shares his experiences to help us tackle the inward dimensions of living together as an extended family (oikos).

What are the predictable patterns in my family, across friendships and throughout life? Are these pattern intentional and healthy?


Vision Of A House Church

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All across the majority world, house churches are multiplying in their thousands — from India, to Africa, to China!

In this short, 14 minute talk, German preacher Wolfgang Simson outlines his observations of what makes a house church work… and how they are changing the world.

His book, The House Church, is well worth reading as well!