Eruption, Erosion, Excavation

This is a fabulous talk by Paul Maconochie from St Thomas Church in the UK.

He describes the work of the Holy Spirit in shaping us through life events such as eruption, erosion and excavation. In his typical style, Paul shares his personal experiences about how he developed faith in hard times, discovering what it means to “ask, seek and knock” (Matthew 7:7).

Dreams – God’s Night Parables

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Does God still use dreams to speak to us? As strange and bizarre as they seem at times? The bible is full of examples where God has used dreams to speak to his people. In this Bridgetown Church podcast, Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard uses these stories to lay out a biblical theology of dreams as well as an intro to interpretation.

Healing and the Kingdom

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In the gospels, Jesus never refused to heal any person who asked for healing. He may have said ‘wait,’ but in the end, they were always healed. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to do the same. What a challenge!

How do we heal the sick when our experiences of prayer are so different from those in the Bible? How do we make sense of people not being healed in faith? How do we step out in faith in the power of the Holy Spirit, even when we’re scared? How do we persevere until we see breakthrough?

In this podcast, Paul Macconochie tackles this difficult topic with maturity and poise, outlining his personal stories and learnings from decades of prayer ministry.


Stories Of The Spirit

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Bob and Penny Fulton were part of the early formation of the Vineyard Movement — a charismatic move of God that has influenced the mainstream church world-wide.

In this podcast interview (by Mike Pilavachi) we hear encouraging stories of revival, healing and the downright miraculous — all experienced through ordinary people, moving in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Barriers To Supernatural Living

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“We don’t need more of God’s Spirit to live supernatural lives. We simply need to let God unblock the barriers that stop the flow.”

In this talk, Simon Holley tackles the inward dimension of discipleship and supernatural living. He calls us to identify and repent from common strongholds of the mind (such as fear, pride and judgement) and to walk in true freedom.

Hearing From God

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In this podcast, Mike Pilavachi shares his insights into how ordinary people can begin hearing God speak in the prophetic realm.

This is one of my favourite sermons of all time… well, at least the funniest!

Mike is co-founder and leader of Soul Survivor in the UK. He used to be an accountant (go figure)… and has some amazing personal stories of faith. For context, Mike is a large Greek man with crazy hair, speaking to youth in America… it’ll make sense as you hear the talk!


Vision Of A House Church

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All across the majority world, house churches are multiplying in their thousands — from India, to Africa, to China!

In this short, 14 minute talk, German preacher Wolfgang Simson outlines his observations of what makes a house church work… and how they are changing the world.

His book, The House Church, is well worth reading as well!