"I was searching for something deeper, but I didn't know what it was."

Carolyn Hynes

"We eat, pray, and serve together, and feel like an extended family."

Daniel Sih

"We don't just do church on Sunday. We do that, but we also do life together."

Amy Edler

Sunday Services

We MEET AS A NETWORK ON 1st + 3rd sunday of every month

When: 3:00-4:30pm (with kids church)

Location: 3 Lorne Crescent, Howrah
(St Thomas Anglican Church building)

Parking: on-site parking available

COVID-safe: please do not attend if you have cold or flu symptoms. Hand sanitiser is available. We have social distancing and contact tracing processes in place.

Next service dates:

December 5, 2021
December 19, 2021

Missional Communities

Not just on Sunday!

We gather throughout the week in small communities that function like extended families.

They’re a great way to do life together, to experience deeper relationships, and to explore what it might mean to follow Jesus.

How do I get started?

Come to a Sunday service

  Everyone is on a spiritual journey. It would be great to meet you and hear your story, even if you don’t follow Jesus. Our fortnightly church service is a place to belong, even if you don’t believe what we believe. Just turn up!

Get in touch with us to chat

Would you like to connect with our community? You may want to attend a Sunday service, or visit a missional community, or take part in a training program. Whatever your reason, fill in an online contact form and start a conversation!