“We’re like extended family, sharing life and serving others.  We eat, pray,  laugh and learn together, just as Jesus and his friends did.”

We gather in homes on Sunday and throughout the week to love God, love each other and make a positive impact in the world. We call these micro-churches (or missional communities).

They’re a great way to do life together, to experience deeper relationships, and to explore what it means to follow Jesus in heart, mind, soul and strength.  

We meet in homes, cafes and playgrounds across the suburbs of Hobart. We read the bible together. We commit to a series of predictable patterns to grow as apprentices of Jesus together. 

Each of our communities is different. They all have a specific vision for serving their local community, to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Find A Place To Belong

Our vision is to bless and renew the suburbs of Hobart by helping birth a movement of micro-churches.

Each of our communities is different and has a specific vision to serve others in practical ways.

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South Hobart

Loving neighbours and healing social divides as a hospitable community

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Risdon Vale

Restoring bikes and serving the local school

Kings MC Big Dinner


Celebrating the goodness of God through hospitality and connectedness

Fern Tree Foresters


Enjoying life and adventuring together as a community

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Let us know if you have an idea for a new micro-church!

MC Multiplication Image


Let us know if you have an idea for a new micro-church!


A micro-church is a group of about 15-50 people (including children) who share life together in an intentional way, in the name of Jesus.

They have a stated purpose, or mission, to bless the wider community in practical ways. They pray and read the bible together. They are warm and welcoming and feel like an extended family. 

Micro-churches are not bible studies or cell groups. They are more organic than this. They are formed around rhythms that help people share life together in a connected way. 

Every micro-church is somewhat unique. While most involve eating, praying, learning and serving, they all do it differently. Some focus on a place, such as a suburb. Others organise around social activities, hobbies, or social justice causes. Really, the options are limitless.   

You can connect in different ways, depending on how involved and committed you want to be. There are social activities (such as BBQ’s, street parties), as well as spiritual activities (like church in the home). We try to meet on Sundays for those who want to worship and learn together as disciples of Jesus. 

The idea of a micro-church may be a bit confusing if you only know church as a program or an event. But this is how church is meant to be — a loving, generous group of people who practice the ways of Jesus in everyday life together!

Like any healthy family, micro-churches involve people from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Our leaders all follow Jesus and are accountable to others, but you don’t have to believe what we believe to connect, build friendships, and get involved in meaningful ways.

Our communities are places where you can explore belief for the first time, in a safe and non-judgemental way. Just come along, hang out, and if interested, join our spiritual conversations.

Yes, you can! We love supporting people who have a heart for new micro-church.

For us, the key is relationship, alignment, truth and trust. 

If you want to start a group (or if you have an existing group who wants to consider partnering with us) please get in touch!

The best way to connect with a micro-church is to contact us to start a conversation.