We celebrate together on sunday, once a month

When: on the 1st Sunday of every month

Location: we mix it up every month but somewhere within Greater Hobart (keep an eye on our emails)

What happens: we come together as missional communities to hang out, eat food, pray and encourage each other. 

COVID-safe: please do not attend if you have cold or flu symptoms. Hand sanitiser is available. Our COVID-safe plan is outlined in the FAQ’s. 

Email to know more.

Next gathering dates:
August 4, 2024
September 1, 2024


As you know, the regulations around COVID-19 are continually shifting. In line with government regulations, we have a COVID-safe plan in place, which includes the following actions:

Obligations for all attendees

These obligations are for anyone attending our services:

(a) Hand sanitiser must be used upon entering and leaving the home or premises.

(b) Upon entering, ensure that your name has been recorded (CheckIn Tas) as required.

(c) Do not enter the church premises if you (or your children) are unwell (respiratory illness, cough, sneeze, vomiting, diarrhoea).

(d) If you begin to feel unwell whilst at the network gathering then leave the premises and notify a church leader that you feel unwell.

(e) Do not enter the home or premises if you are suspicious of having COVID-19 or if you have been swabbed for COVID-19 and are still in the quarantine period.

(f) Notify the church if you have contracted COVID-19 and have been in our gathering.

(g) We recommend that people are fully vaccinated as an expression of love for those who are meeting together. 

(h) Masks, when required by law, are to be worn by members of the community, including during singing. 

Entering the home or premises:

The doors are be propped open at the start and end of each service to reduce the risks of cross-contamination using door handles. 

Hand sanitiser is available and will be used upon entering and leaving the premises.

We require every person to record their name and phone number using Check In Tas, when required by law.

Our communion elements have been prepared in line with food handling regulations. 

Seating will be arranged to enable 1.5m social distancing between rows when required. 


The program leader will ensure that all children sanitise their hands before and after the  children’s program.

Soft-toys have been removed, and any toys that have been handled are put into a hard tub for cleaning mid-week.





Each musician / singer will bring their own instrument, including microphones and power-cords, to avoid cross-contamination. We have purchased additional equipment for those who do not have their own. 


A team of volunteers are responsible for cleaning the building after each event, using a checklist.

We usually meet for 1-1.5 hours, with a cuppa before or after.