We asked people in our Network to tell us what Together Church is to them–

“Together Church is a no-nonsense community who love each other and Jesus through the hard times and the good.”

“Together Church is a place where we grow and learn to live fruitful and abundant lives.”

“Together Church is where we share the love of Jesus with one another.”

“Together Church is where I feel welcome and accepted.”

“Together Church is passionate about being a Missional People and sharing the love of Jesus with those around them.”

“Together Church is where we eat together.”

“Together Church is where I’ve learned to listen to God and heard God speak.”

“Together Church is where I’ve healed from things that have been hard or hurt me in the past. “

“Together Church is where I’ve let go of my doubts and practiced more faith.”

“Together Church started for me in a coffee shop so long ago with the New Testament being explained to those interested. I felt free to ask questions and accepted and welcomed for who and what I was.”

“Together Church is a safe place where we care for each other and grow in faith through the slings and arrows that life throws us all. I am so thankful for this beautiful community.”

“Together Church is where God is working in me to be who He always intended for me to be.”

“Together Church is where we talk about the hard stuff and love on each other and see faith differently and that’s awesome!”

“Together Church is where we eat food. And we swear a bit.”