Eruption, Erosion, Excavation

This is a fabulous talk by Paul Maconochie from St Thomas Church in the UK.

He describes the work of the Holy Spirit in shaping us through life events such as eruption, erosion and excavation. In his typical style, Paul shares his personal experiences about how he developed faith in hard times, discovering what it means to “ask, seek and knock” (Matthew 7:7).

Dark Night Of The Soul

In this helpful talk, John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Church talks about the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ — times of spiritual dryness and struggle, where we feel distant from God and wonder where He is!

These dry times are often for our own benefit, if we are willing to walk through them with God. This talk is helpful for anyone who is struggling to feel close and connected with God, and seeking to understand how to walk through this season in a faithful way.

Telling Others In This Cultural Moment

How do we tell others about Jesus with confidence and without fear in an increasingly hostile culture?

In this helpful talk, Ger Jones (from Vintage Church) shares a series of theological and practical insights to help us share our faith with love and wisdom, in a progressive secular culture.

This talk is particularly helpful for anyone who wishes to consider Alpha as a way of sharing faith with friends.

The Transgender Community

How do we understand the new gender philosophies shaping our society today? Is our identity found in our gender? Are our feelings and emotions a reliable test for our identity? How do we love transgender people with love, wisdom, and compassion?

In this powerful, grace-filled talk by Phil Wilthew (from Kings Arms church), we explore a series of questions to help us walk beside the transgender community, with gentleness, in the way of Jesus.

Gender Fluidity

Gender, and the way we understand gender identity, is a defining issue of our time.

Genderfluid people often express a desire to remain flexible about their gender identity, rather than committing to a single definition. They may at times identify as bigender – shifting between masculine and feminine; or as trigender – shifting between these and a third gender.

In this helpful talk by Guy Mason, from City on a Hill, we build an understanding of what these complex terms mean, and a foundation to help us love people who are struggling with gender dysphoria, in the way of Jesus.

Jesus and the Gay Community

“Everything is about sex, except sex, which is about power.” Sociologist.

In this challenging, yet insightful talk, Jon Tyson (from Church of the City New York) shares his reflections about Jesus, the scriptures, and the Gay Community.

He unpacks the history of gay activism; how a creative minority, on the back of the Civil Rights movement, radically transformed our understanding of human sexuality.

And he provides a biblical foundation for how we, from a biblical perspective, might understand homosexuality; encouraging us to engage in relationships with our friends and neighbours, with love and grace.

Singleness and Thriving

God has “good news” to share on the subject of sexuality and singleness!

In this wonderful, honest talk, Andrew Bunt (from King’s Arms church) shares his struggles and successes as a single man, struggling with same-sex attraction.

He challenges our common perceptions about sexuality and singleness, and encourages us to re-think how we understand identity, love, and family.

God and Sexuality

The sexual revolution has transformed the way we understand sex and sexuality in a very short period of time.

In this talk, John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Church, explains how we arrived at our contemporary views on sex and sexuality; disconnecting sex from procreation, marriage, gender, emotions and now, in the digital age, from being human.

This is worth a listen for anyone seeking to understand the biblical views on sex and sexuality; loving people with grace and compassion, while maintaining a biblical conviction for holiness and truth.

The Genesis of Sexual Morality

Everyone has a view of sex and sexual morality. And despite our differences, our view of “what is sex” will profoundly shape how we see ourselves and others.

Is sex like tandem sky-diving but without clothes? Is it, in the words of Mary Eberstadt, “hygienic recreation?” Or is sex, in its essence, something spiritual, divine, transformative?

In this brilliant talk from Kings Arms church in the UK, Simon Holley lays a foundation for sex and sexuality, with grace and generosity. He is honest, vulnerable, and speaks from the heart… well worth a listen!

Silence and Solitude

In an attention deficit society, the need for silence is deafening. Richard Rohlheizer has suggested that “we are distracting ourselves to oblivion.”

In such a culture as this, the spiritual discipline of “silence and solitude” is more important than ever before. In this brilliant talk, John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Church describes this practice in detail, compelling us to slow down, decompress, and appreciate God without distraction.