Meating Together

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What happens when a group of ordinary people eat and drink together, once a week, in the name of Jesus? The answer might surprise you… especially when God provides the wine!

In this second talk on radical hospitality, Daniel Sih explains the importance of “meating” together as believers, as an expression of communion. He shares his experience of God providing 48-bottles of premium Barossa Valley wine in answer to prayer, and draws parallels with the book of Acts.

You can download presenter slides here

Walking on Water – Intro to 2018

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Is it possible to maintain peace and joy in the midst of a storm? Well, it all depends on who is in the boat with you!

In this sermon, Daniel Sih shares his thoughts about how to remain calm in the midst of a cultural storm, by relying on Jesus. He also addresses  particular challenges in the life of TPC by re-communicating our vision and addressing practical changes to help us gather in new ways.

PowerPoint slides can be viewed HERE.

Looking to 2018: TPC Vision

This video outlines our vision for Third Place Communities for the next 6 – 12 months.

We reflect on:

  1. Building a service we love
  2. Growing our service
  3. A focus on evangelism
  4. Discipling our children
  5. Oikos rhythms

From this we would love:

To hear ideas for how to create a service we love,

To pray for our growth and a new name,

And, to pray for a new kids leader for the New Year.


This video is also available to download HERE.

The Radical Middle

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This is the first sermon to launch our TPC Network Gatherings (and Daniel’s first ever sermon – excuse all the “um’s”!) Outlining our teaching focus for the year, Daniel explains the concepts of Cross, Kingdom and Spirit and how the intersecting of these elements of faith create the “radical middle” – the sweet spot in which we seek to live … and where mentos’ catalytically explode from coke bottles!