Eating As Neighbours

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Eating as neighbours is an expression of the Great Commission. As we share a meal with friends, we connect at a deeper level, and create space for God to move.

In the words of Ryan Cook: “The table is a powerful symbol of a world put right. At the table you look people in the eyes. The surface of the table is level. It creates an environment whereby you reach your hands into the same pot, take from the same food, to sustain your lives in the same way. It’s a levelling act.”

In this talk, Daniel Sih provides reflections on the story of Zacchaeus, and how we can eat with people like Zacchaeus in our own context.

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The Heart Of Hospitality

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What is the heart behind radical hospitality? Why do we open our homes, our tables and our lives to others?

In this talk, Daniel Sih unpacks the story of Jesus turning water into wine. Why did Jesus turn water into wine, providing 100 litres of Pinot Noir to a party that was already pissed? The answer has something to do with the Kingdom of God, where things that are ordinary become extra-ordinary. The practical implications for us are significant.

You can download presenter notes HERE.

The Discipleship Road

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For many of us, apprenticeship to Jesus is a long and windy journey, rather than a sudden, miraculous transformation. To use a biblical analogy, it is more like the Road to Emmaus than it is Damascus!

In this podcast, Andy Goodacre compares our journey with that of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus. He outlines six practical lessons to help us grow as apprentices of Jesus.

Meating Together

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What happens when a group of ordinary people eat and drink together, once a week, in the name of Jesus? The answer might surprise you… especially when God provides the wine!

In this second talk on radical hospitality, Daniel Sih explains the importance of “meating” together as believers, as an expression of communion. He shares his experience of God providing 48-bottles of premium Barossa Valley wine in answer to prayer, and draws parallels with the book of Acts.

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Radical Hospitality

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“The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’” (Luke 7: 34)

In Luke’s Gospel, according to Robert Karris, Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. He ate, and drank, and spent time with all the wrong people. And it surprised everyone!

In this first talk in our Radical Hospitality series, Daniel Sih shares his story about living in community and sharing more than 500 meals with neighbours over 10 years.

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Rest In The Digital Age

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The digital age is upon us. Our phones, tablets and smart watches transform the way we live, work and rest, for better and for worse.

What does it mean for us to rest in the digital age, in a culture of constant connectivity? What do the scriptures have to say about technology, and how might we rethink our habits to engage deeply in Sabbath rest?

This is the final sermon in our 6-part series “rhythms of rest.” You can download our presenter notes here.

How To Design A Sabbath Rest

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“I need more rest in my life. But how do I start?”

In this practical talk, we outline a best-practice framework to help you plan and practice a weekly day of rest.

What are the 2 pillars of Sabbath (rest and remembrance)? How do you plan the 5 D’s (day, dishes, do’s, don’ts and disconnect)? How does rest differ for an introvert and extrovert? How do you make a practical start this week?

Use these links to download our Sabbath Workbook and PowerPoint slides.

The Freedom Of Rest

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“I’m not sure that I know what rest is. I don’t know if I ever really rest. I get up early and work hard all week. On the weekend, I’m a taxi mum and drive my kids to soccer, dancing, and to various birthday parties. Is everyone’s life like this?”
(Quote from a manager in Hobart)

In today’s world, many of us feel tired, stretched and disoriented. Yet Jesus brings us hope, profoundly shaping the way we think about work and rest, and human flourishing.

In this talk, Daniel Sih describes what it means to find freedom in rest, providing theological insights, and practical examples of what it means to Sabbath in a progressive, secular society.

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A Day Of Rest

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Life is busy and cluttered. There are more tasks and more activities than we can possibly complete each day.

What might it look like if we were to stop working, wanting, and worrying for a full day each week? That is, to take a sabbath rest!

In this talk, Daniel Sih continues our series on the Rhythms of Rest, focusing on the weekly rhythm of sabbath. He outlines a theology of sabbath, the gift of sabbath, and encourages us to begin our own journey towards a sabbath rest!